Step out of the hustle and into Hydrate IV Bar — Colorado's professional IV therapy spa. Services include...

Myers Cocktail

The “Myers Cocktail IV” also known as the “kitchen sink” IV was developed by Baltimore physician John Myers and is hugely popular among IV therapy spas across the United States. There’s a reason this is the most popular service at Hydrate IV Bar!

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The Katie Cocktail

One step better than the traditional Myers cocktail and our founders IV therapy service of choice! Plus, we donate proceeds to a local charity of our choice each month with this service. Feel better, faster and feel good doing it!

Anti-Aging & Beauty

Did you know that many skin insecurities — from wrinkles to dry skin — can be improved with proper hydration? Our nurses are  here to help you hydrate and combat this dry, Colorado climate.

Athletic Performance

Weekend warriors, fitness fans, and athletes of all kinds use IV therapy to perform better and recover faster. Hydrate IV Bar’s services can be used to properly hydrate before or after any physical activity.

Health & Wellness

Need a nutritional boost? Our vitamin-packed IV nutrient therapy could help. On average, when taken orally, only about 20% of even the best multi-vitamins and supplements are absorbed into your bloodstream.


There’s a reason doctors tell you to hydrate when you’re sick. Combined with recommendations from your doctor, our IV for Cold & Flu may help shorten the duration of an illness while boosting your immune system.

Jet Lag & Fatigue

While traveling, normal healthy habits can fall to the way-side. Combine that with the Colorado altitude, you’re likely not feeling your best. Prep for a trip or recover in comfort at one of our Denver hydration spas.


While we don’t condone the overconsumption of alcohol, we do know it happens. If you’re struggling the next morning, don’t let it ruin your entire day. IV therapy can help you feel better fast. Don’t wait, hydrate at our Denver professional IV therapy clinic!

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