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MIC injections are made up of methionine, inositol, and choline, plus methylcobalamin b12. This combination of vitamins + amino acids can help fire up your metabolism, increase energy, and boost mental clarity.

These injections are given intramuscularly and a great for a quick boost in energy! Our MIC injections can be added to any of our IV therapy services, though we also accept walk-in injection appointments. A single MIC appointment takes around 15 minutes. Grab your 50% off on MIC shot today!

Did You Know?

This injection can sometimes be referred to as the “skinny shot”. But why is that? Let’s break down the amino acids + vitamins, and their benefits!

Methionine aids the digestive system; inositol plays a role in the transfer of nutrients and converting fats into energy; and choline helps to maintain healthy cell membranes and cholesterol. Vitamin B12 can help to regulate metabolism and increase energy levels, among other benefits.