Read Real Testimonials From Hydrate IV Bar Clients

The team is awesome, the environment is calming and welcoming and you feel like a million bucks when you leave. A great experience and a wonderful element to add to your health and wellness regimen.

 Morgan D.
WOW!! Words can’t express how AMAZING I feel right now! I left work earlier in tears, feeling so sick and dizzy — within seconds of the shots and IV, my nausea and blurry vision went away! This was life-changing!!

 Gina S.
This place is awesome! Very friendly knowledgeable staff! I would definitely recommend it. The lounge room is cozy and very comfortable. Awesome vibes! Super relaxing! I will be back!

 Mike M.
Great place! I was struggling with pain and inflammation in my low back for many weeks. I decided to give the Toradol cocktail a try after consulting with the professionals there. Amazing results! I truly haven’t felt this great in a long time. I will absolutely be back and recommend IV hydration to anyone looking for a pick me up or an addition to their health regimen.

 Justin O.
Hydrate bar is amazing! I was so excited to try this place out and I was not disappointed. I was exhausted and prepping for vacation so I chose the health and wellness drip with a B12 shot. The atmosphere is very relaxing and calm, I could have easily hung out there all day. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable and fun to hang out with. I felt amazing and completely re-energized. I highly recommend Hydrate to anyone needing a little boost, I cant wait to go back!

 Randi H.
Hydrate IV Bar is top notch! I highly recommend this place to anyone, if you haven’t tried yet, it’s a MUST! Very cool experience, I did the health & wellness treatment which made me feel great & refreshed! The owners are so nice and welcoming!! They made me feel very comfortable and were also very informative. You sit in a reclining chair with comfy blankets and just relax!

Justin J.
What an amazing experience! We drove from Lancaster Pa to Denver. I had a few beers the night before and I ended up with a combination of altitude sickness and dehydration. I couldn’t keep any fluids down all morning and couldn’t function at all. I had an event to go to at noon and they got me in fast. I was a bit nervous about the process but everyone was so incredibly nice and helpful. I instantly started feeling better and was able to start drinking water again and keep it down 15 min into the drip. Absolutely amazing. I felt great the rest of the day and made it to the event that I drove 24 hours to go to. The facility is very clean and relaxing. Thank you so much for saving my vacation!

Cameala F.
This place is a miracle. I work in an exhausting industry and Hydrate undoes the all the physical detriment initiated by my day to day. The staff is incredible and the atmosphere is just like home.

 Jodie W.
Amazing experience!! Great atmosphere, friendly, knowledgeable medical staff – feel great!! Will definitely be back

 Carolyn S.
This place is amazing. The atmosphere is very calm and relaxing. The staff is so knowledgeable and did everything to make us feel comfortable. I felt like I was right at home. I came here after a weekend trip to Vegas and needed to feel better and this definitely did the trick. I felt so much better after my stop in here. The B 12 shot gives you lasting energy too. This place is a must! Thank you for everything!!

 Jessica B.
Super cool place. Went here after spending a weekend in Vegas. Definitely felt so much better after. The atmosphere was super relaxing and the staff was very accommodating and friendly.

 Kierra S.
I went in with Mental and muscle fatigue. Always friendly and helpful staff. About halfway through my IV bag I felt a significant change in my mental health and physical fatigue. Something definitely shifted in my energy and I have felt great ever since. I will be adding this to my list of self care. I highly recommend this place!

 Skye M.
Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Best hangover cure

 Shawnte S.
Amazing way to reset! IV therapy has been amazing for my migraines and I am so happy to have found such an experienced group to help me!!!!!

 Debbie S.
I highly recommend Hydrate! The space is beautiful and very relaxing. After a night of drinking their hangover cure really did cure me!! The nurse made me feel so comfortable and you could tell was very experienced. So glad there is an IV bar in Denver now!!!

 Leigh J.
Came in the first day it opened after walking by. I had never heard of anything like this before but I was AWESOME!! I’ve never felt better than after I was finished. The staff was great, very professional and the space is very clean and very cool looking!! Definitely recommend this place to anyone!!

 Mitch R.
I have issues with chronic pain and fatigue. Weekly IV’s are contributing to me feeling so much better and allowing me a better lifestyle. The infusion process is relaxing and the staff makes sure that you are comfortable and have everything that you need! I feel lucky to have found the Hydrate IV Bar!

 Jessica H.
Hydrate is so innovative and a great addition to Denver. As soon as you step inside, the atmosphere is so inviting and so relaxing it’s a perfect place to go sit and feel better. The nurse was incredible kind, exceptionally gentle and calmed my jittery nerves instantly! I would recommend Hydrate if you have a hangover and need to bounce back, if you’re preparing for a marathon or bike race to get your body ready for optimal performance, or if you’re recovering from the flu and just need nutrients back in your system. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone, and will become a regular client.

 Amy P.
This place is a miracle. I work in an exhausting industry and Hydrate undoes the all the physical detriment initiated by my day to day. The staff is incredible and the atmosphere is just like home.

 Jodie W.
My fiance and I decided to try Hydrate IV Bar after landing in Denver from Chicago. We are so glad we did! This trip was my first time in Colorado, I noticed I was feeling more tired than usual and headachy, considering I am accustomed to a lower altitude. I was certainly in need of some relaxation and hydration. We decided on the Jet Lag/Fatigue IV Therapy which included B Complex Vitamins and Vitamin C. My first impression of Hydrate IV Bar was that it portrayed a very warm and home style environment. The clinic was incredibly clean and inviting. There was an assortment of treats (mints, caramels, healthy granola bars, coffee, water, etc.) all of which made me feel welcomed. The layout of the establishment had a separate area for both checking in (lobby) and the actual clinical area (relaxing chairs for IV infusion). This separation ensured a comfortable environment. I have always been uneasy of needles but after talking with the owner and the nurse, who eventually put the IV in place, I felt completely at ease. It didn’t hurt at all! So if anyone is hesitant to try this because of a fear of needles, I promise (from a “needlephobic” herself) that it was the most painless needle ever! Especially because of the calming atmosphere and the nurses expertise. Once the IV was set up, I was able to get cozy with a fuzzy blanket in a comfy reclining chair. During the IV, I could truly feel myself getting more energy. I noticed I was feeling more balanced and alert. Overall, my fiance and I LOVED everything about our experience at Hydrate IV Bar, we would recommend it to anyone!

Julia V.
After spending 2 weeks away (9 hour time zone difference), I visited Hydrate for the jet lag iv therapy treatment. I wasn’t expecting immediate miracles just needed to feel better. I truly slept 8 hours that night and woke up the next day completely refreshed. This treatment was exactly what I needed to get back on track and feeling great!

Laura W.