Nest Café at Nurture Market Place

Nest at Nurture is “a clean, conscious and wholesome cafe.” Culinary Director Elizabeth Woodard and her team have cultivated a delicious and nutritious menu with vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options. Nest Cafe offers in-door dining as well as prepared meal service and cleanses.  Unlike many restaurants, Nest is transparent with the ingredients they use as well as where they’re sourced. They treat food as medicine, aligning with our mission of promoting wellness from within.   

At Hydrate IV Bar, vitamin and mineral supplementation, preferably through IV therapy or vitamin injections, is encouraged even when consuming clean and organic food. Two of the most common vitamin deficiencies that our clients present, typically from a lack of availability in the American diet, are Vitamin B12 and Magnesium. 

Chef Elizabeth has graciously extended two recipes to help you incorporate more B12 & Magnesium into your diet. 

B12 Handrolls with Sepi Sauce 

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A few key roles Vitamin B12 plays in the body are red blood cell formation (carriers of oxygen throughout your body), healthy nerves and DNA formation. B12 is mostly found in animal products, so vegans must be more mindful of an adequate intake of this vitamin. 

All ingredients highlighted in orange are sources of vitamin B12.

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Almond Cacao Overnight Oats for Magnesium

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Some of the key roles that magnesium plays in the body are regulating muscle and nerve function, making proteins and DNA, regulating sleep, and blood vessel dilation (heart health).

All ingredients highlighted in brown contain magnesium. We recommend using organic oats, and unsweetened nut milk.

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Visit Chef Elizabeth at Nest inside the Nurture Wellness Center in Denver, CO

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