What Makes This Location Special?


“When I was looking for a second job, I was overjoyed to find out Hydrate was opening a spa in Boulder. It’s all the things you’d want in a spa. I was drawn to the bright blue and white rug that screams “hydration” and the rustic wood and classic touches that makes relaxing for an hour seem easy.

The lobby lets in so much beautiful light and gives way to a cozy sitting area with 7 recliners and a flat screen that’s usually on Planet Earth or Moving Art. It feels only natural to play Bob Marley, the Grateful Dead, or Dave Matthews… as it matches the chill vibe of the Boulder clientele.

It’s so fun to see college students, serious athletes, and hippies alike. If you need a little more privacy… the spa can accommodate you in our private room upfront. I’ve met the neatest clients here… whether it’s a local as well or a client passing through to ski, see a show, or check out the University.

Boulder is known for its eclectic and diverse population… and this is why every day I work there is an adventure!” – Kelley P.


How Did We Decide on Boulder for a Hydrate IV Bar Spa?


One of our values at Hydrate is COMMUNITY, and this could not be more true in Boulder. It felt natural to make Boulder the next location part of our Hydrate IV Bar expansion. Stop by to see what  makes our Boulder location special and see what Boulder has to offer!


We are a proud member of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce.

We take part in our community and are sponsors of CU Athletics.