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IV Hydration vs. Water

Dehydration is characterized by various signs, including headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and muscle cramps. When you experience such symptoms, your first inclination would be towards getting a glass of water or preparing some ginger ale or tea to get yourself comfortable. Ideally, home-based remedies play a significant role in getting us quenched and relieved after strenuous exercises and chores.

Though various home remedies serve the purpose, the IV hydration process offers you a quicker and more effective dehydration relief than ordinary water. The difference is that IV fluids comprise a saline solution made of vital vitamins and minerals that help restore your body’s water-electrolytes balance. Drinking water vs. IV hydration is a matter of individual preference, and this guide will discuss the effectiveness of IV hydration.

Drinking Water vs. IV Therapy for Hydration

Usually, a glass of water is what you may need when thirsty. But if you are acutely dehydrated or ill, you could take cups of water all day but never feel relieved. IV hydration is specifically designed to solve the severe, weakening dehydration symptoms. It assures you a 100% fluids absorption rate.

After you’ve taken a cup of water, you don’t get hydrated immediately because the water absorption process takes time through the digestive system to reach each dehydrated cell. IV therapy serves the purpose differently; once the fluids are injected into your bloodstream, they quickly infiltrate the system, hydrating the body cells.

Perhaps you are not nauseated, but drinking a glass of water after another to rehydrate yourself can make you feel uncomfortable and bloated. IV hydration is one of the most comfortable and easy processes for your body.

Benefits of IV Hydration

  • Potency

Water is an excellent remedy for thirst and dehydration, but it doesn’t offer an intense burst of essential minerals and vitamins like vitamins B, C, magnesium, and zinc. So if you are experiencing severe dehydration, water may not relieve you well. On the other hand, IV hydration packs a powerful punch that gets you on the mend quicker. The presence of these essential minerals and vitamins in IV therapy & vitamin injections takes us to the next benefit.

  • Immunity Boosts

Everyone dreads falling sick, and the hydration IV therapy comes with a package that protects you from common illnesses. It contains vitamins C and B12, an efficient collection of immunity boosters. Having these compounds injected directly into your bloodstream enables them to function more effectively than taking them orally. The technology behind immunity boost IV therapy works to channel the said immune boosters to the sections your body requires them most.

  • Improves Cognitive Function

For your brain to process information swiftly and enhance memory, it needs to be efficiently hydrated. Impaired memory is an initial sign of dehydration, so fluids keep your body and brain operating effectively. However, your brain doesn’t get quick hydration, especially when you drink water. Hydration IV therapy is designed to restore your cognitive functioning much faster and efficiently than drinking water.


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