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L-Lysine injection is an essential building block for generating proteins, making it a necessary component for human health. However, the body cannot naturally produce it. L-Lysine is usually obtained from food or supplements. It supports various body functions such as the formation of muscle and collagen, hormone regulation, production of antibodies, and more.

What Are the Benefits of L-Lysine?

Block Stress Response Receptors

L-Lysine can be supportive in blocking stress response receptors that help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. Some studies have shown that supplemental L-Lysine through injections can reduce anxiety scores and cortisol levels.

Can Improve Calcium Absorption

Besides increasing calcium absorption, lysine can also help your body retain calcium. It can also reduce the loss of calcium in your urine and move it to other body parts where it is needed.

Wound Healing

L-Lysine aids in wound healing by facilitating collagen growth to repair and build healthy tissue and skin. It can also promote the generation of new blood vessels.

Suppress Cold Sores

Some people use lysine to prevent and contain cold sore outbreaks. In most cases, it can prevent possible replication of HSV-1 by curbing arginine.

How Does It Work?

L-Lysine injection supports the formation of carnitine, a nutrient found in most cells within the body that helps convert fatty acids into energy. It is also responsible for transporting fats throughout your cells to be converted to energy.

Who can get L-Lysine Injections?

They are helpful for people who don’t get enough lysine in their diet. You may also consider getting lysine if you regularly experience agitation, fatigue, reproductive disorders, nausea, dizziness, anemia, and other related symptoms.

Book Your L-Lysine Boost!

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