Cherry Creek has a unique culture and abundance of outdoor experiences. Situated just a few minutes from downtown Denver, this town has one of the most vibrant and diverse shopping scenes around.

The area is home to several department stores, incredible eateries, and high-end fashion boutiques. Cherry Creek also hosts the most beautiful art galleries, delicious restaurants, cocktail launches, relaxed cafes, and luxurious salons and spas for mind and body therapy. With so many attractions and adventure opportunities, Cherry Creek is a true holiday destination for anyone looking to create lasting memories.

Whether you’re planning a trip or are already in Cherry Creek and looking for NAD+IV infusions, vitamin-infused IVs, or injections to keep you in perfect shape, Hydrate IV Bar is here to help. We have been promoting wellness and IV therapy services for over five years, and our shop is conveniently located at the heart of Cherry Creek inside the Live Love Lash spa. This means that you can get an IV while receiving your special spa treatment.

Our Services

Our Cherry Creek hydration center is expertly designed and decorated to offer the most luxurious, spa-like atmosphere that’s beautiful and calming. We offer a wide range of hydration treatments, including injections, NAD+ IV therapy, and IV therapy services tailored to your unique hydration needs.

Hydrate IV Bar is the service to trust for reliable services if you need hydration or health and wellness services or are searching for an immunity boost. We also cater to those searching for some recovery after long adventures, nightlife, or an extended weekend of sporting.

Hydrate IV Bar works with a qualified and experienced team that is readily available to address your hydration needs in Cherry Creek.

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Ready you get started? Our staff can help you schedule a health and wellness appointment today. Our Cherry Creek location also accepts last-minute appointments and walk-ins. Contact us for inquiries.