Save Money with a Hydrate IV Bar Membership.

Are you an athlete who enjoys pushing your body to the limit and wants a better, faster recovery? Do you travel for work often and want a way to quickly reduce the effects of jet lag and get back to feeling like yourself so you can actually enjoy the time you have while you are home? Or, do you simply like experiencing the wide range of health-related benefits of IV drip therapy? Regardless, our IV drip hydration membership is great for you, check it out here!

With a Hydrate IV Bar membership, you get to enjoy any one of our IV therapy cocktails (except the Katie Cocktail, which requires an upgrade fee of $56 for members) and one b12 injection every month along with:

  • 30% off NAD+ injections
  • 30% off additional visits + add-ons
  • NAD+ IV therapy package discounts
  • 10% off retail products
  • Exclusive access to sales + events
  • “Friends with Benefits” passes

Don’t use your free IV therapy cocktail or b12 injection one month? Don’t worry, you haven’t missed your chance to take advantage of membership benefits. Our IV membership plans allow for these treatments to be rolled over and remain active in your account for up to six months after they were earned.

Memberships cost just $139 per month – that’s about the cost of an average IV vitamin therapy cocktail, and you get a whole lot more! Your IV drip hydration membership also gives you 30% off all additional visits and add-ons, 30% off for friends who’ve never had an IV hydration drip with us before, and surprise goodies, exclusive access to online events, local events, flash sales, and a whole lot more as our way of saying thank you. For students, it’s even more affordably priced at $109 a month.

And the best part? Our spas don’t have separate IV membership plans, so your IV drip hydration membership is valid at every one of our locations. Even if you purchased your membership at your Boulder location, it can be used not only at every one of our locations in Colorado but also in Dallas, Texas, and our two locations in Arizona.