L-Lysine is an amino acid required for tissue growth and body repair. Since the body doesn’t produce the essential amino acid, it is commonly obtained through supplements and diet. Hydrate IV Bar is now offering L-Lysine injections! Below are some of the Lysine benefits. Book your appointment here.

Aids the Absorption and Retention of Calcium

Lysine increases calcium absorption and helps the kidneys retain the mineral. Lysine is also believed to protect bones and aids in controlling where Calcium is transported in the body. The right amount of Calcium absorption can help prevent bone loss linked with osteoporosis. It is essential to exercise caution when taking Lysine supplements for calcium absorption. Getting your Lysine injection under the supervision of a specialist at the Hydrate IV bar spa is one of the best ways to ensure you take in the right amount of Lysine for calcium absorption and retention.

Treatment and Prevention of Cold Sores

Cold sores are a side effect of infection, typically the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-1). They appear as blisters on the corners of the mouth or lips. A 2017 study revealed that taking 3 grams of lysine supplements daily enhances the treatment and prevention of cold sores. Lysine can help block the production of arginine that multiplies HSV-1.

Mental Health

Stress and anxiety are common problems affecting the day-to-day lives of different individuals worldwide. Studies have shown that Lysine can block receptors associated with the stress response. Similarly, Lysine can also help remedy schizophrenia, a condition that disrupts the individual’s perception, resulting in a lack of the ability to comprehend reality.

Boosting Athletic Performance

When taken in moderation, lysine can help athletes recover from muscle stress.

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