Immunity IV

Immunity IV therapy is an effective and fast-acting technique that aids as an immune system booster. If you want to boost your immune system, immunity IV therapy can be an excellent option. Book an appointment here.

What Immunity IV is all About

Immunity IV therapy uses vitamins to prevent illness and support the immune system. The IV contains a blend of Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Zinc.  These are all helpful if you are suffering from a cold or infection.

Healthy nutrition is crucial for a strong immune system. The ability of the body to absorb vitamins and nutrients decreases with age. Immunity IV therapy is an excellent option for individuals looking for a fast and efficient immune system booster.

The immune-boosting ingredients are delivered directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract. Unlike supplements, no nutrients are lost during the breakdown process.

Is Immunity IV Therapy Safe?

IVs have been used in the medical sector for years. It is a safe method for delivering the required nutrients to the body. At Hydrate IV Bar, we are very serious about IV safety! Everything, from IVs to injections, is administered by experienced, registered nurses.

Benefits of Immunity IV

Immunity IV can help:

  • Fight the Flu
  • Replenish the fluids lost while fighting infection
  • Shorten your cold
  • Accelerate the recovery process
  • Combat fatigue and tiredness

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