Athletic training requires a big commitment, and at times it can be absolutely draining on your body. Even for younger athletes with lots of energy, giving your best performance can be difficult. Fatigue, weakness, and muscle inflammation often get in the way of restorative sleep, which is paramount for those looking to perform at their peak level.

This is why we’ve developed our proprietary Athletic Performance IV. Whether you’re training daily or more of a weekend warrior, this specially formulated IV drip from Hydrate IV Bar can help you stay on top of your game.

Glutathione for College Athletes and Beyond

Our Athletic Performance IV cocktail combines four powerful nutrients along with 1 liter of saline to replenish fluids lost during workouts and give your body the boost it needs to recover properly.

  • Improves the function of nerves and muscles while improving your mood and offering natural relaxation.
  • Reduces oxidative stress while removing toxins, combating inflammation, improving your liver function, and even helping you sleep better.
  • B-Complex. Promotes healthy skin, hair, and nails and supports optimal mood regulation.
  • Strong bones, healthy blood pressure, and happy athletes!

Why Choose Hydrate IV Bar?

At Hydrate IV Bar, we believe in promoting wellness from within. Our IV drips are all carefully chosen to help boost your body when you need top performance. We are here for you when you’re battling through cold and flu season and even when you’ve partied a little too hard the night before! Each of our IV products is administered by expertly trained registered nurses to ensure that you’re always in good hands. Book now to experience the powerful benefits of IV hydration therapy!