We understand that the life of a student can be rather rough to navigate, so we’re hoping to make it a little easier. When things are stressful, you can rest assured you can still come into any Hydrate IV bar and leave feeling hydrated, refreshed, and recharged.

We’ve made our monthly Hydrate IV Bar Membership available to students at a more wallet-friendly fee of $109 per month instead of the usual $139 per month. Sign up here.

What’s Included in Your Student Membership

Your student membership gives you access to all the same benefits as our Hydrate IV Bar Membership! Every month you can access and enjoy:

  • One IV therapy cocktail
  • One B12 injection
  • Exclusive access to sales + events
  • 30% off NAD+ injections
  • 30% off additional visits + add-ons
  • NAD+ IV therapy package discounts
  • “Friends with Benefits” passes
  • 10% off retail products


Our memberships are valid at all of our Hydrate IV Bar spas, so whether you’re studying in the Denver + Boulder area or vacationing in Dallas, you’re more than welcome to visit for your monthly hydration IV therapy cocktail!

If you’re popping by with a friend who’s never had an IV hydration drip with us, remember your membership gives them access to 30% off as well!

Choose Hydrate IV Bar

Hydrate IV Bar is a collection of IV therapy spas focused on promoting wellness from within by delivering high-quality products and services administered by experienced, trustworthy medical professionals. We go out of our way to ensure our spaces maintain a spa-like atmosphere in an effort to ensure each and every one of our clients leaves feeling refreshed and recharged.

We have eight spa locations sprinkled across Colorado and beyond, with a plan to open more across the country so we can serve an increasing number of clients searching for premium hydration therapy!