Have you noticed accelerated aging signs? Do you constantly feel tired or stressed? NAD+ IV therapy can help you deal with these challenges and many more. But what should you expect before and after receiving NAD+ IVs or NAD+ injections? Get the inside scoop on NAD+ before and after, right from our customers.

Learn about NAD+ IV therapy from Hydrate IV Bar and why people are such big fans of it today.


What is NAD+ IV Therapy?

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme that helps your body cells function optimally.

We all have this fundamental molecule that promotes metabolism and cell survival. While NAD occurs naturally in human cells, its production declines with age, lifestyle, and nutrient deficiency. NAD+ IV therapy boosts the levels of this wonder molecule to promote your overall well-being.

NAD+ therapy delivers NAD+, along with normal saline for hydration, directly into your bloodstream. Introducing NAD+ into the bloodstream enhances absorption to produce desired results almost instantly. After the NAD+ coenzyme discovery in 1906, only healthcare facilities offered NAD+ IV therapies. However, advancement in the health and wellness industry has enabled clients to receive NAD+ IVs and NAD+ injections in a relaxing, spa-like environment under the safety and direction of medical professionals.


What Are the Benefits of NAD+ IVs or NAD+ Injections?

NAD+ IV Therapy has many benefits and is regarded by many as an essential part of their personal wellness. Almost everyone can benefit from NAD+ IV therapy. However, some people benefit more than others, especially when the declining NAD+ levels could cause health issues or accelerate aging. You can benefit from NAD+ therapy if you want to help with the following issues:


Slow The Aging Process

NAD+ therapy can slow or reverse aging signs. As mentioned earlier, your body needs the NAD+ coenzyme to promote cell functions and cell regeneration. A decline in NAD+ levels slows cell regeneration, resulting in aging signs. An NAD+ boost will improve cell regeneration to reverse or slow the aging signs.


Improve Cognitive Function

People who want to improve their cognitive function can benefit from an NAD+ boost. Boosting nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide levels promotes brain health and improves cognitive function. It can also help you cope with stress, anxiety, or depression signs.


Manage Chronic Fatigue

NAD+ therapy can help you deal with chronic fatigue. Its ability to boost your metabolism can give you the energy to approach daily activities effectively.


Improve Athletic Performance

NAD+ infusions can help athletes improve athletic performance and enhance muscle recovery after training or competitions.


Enhance Weight Loss

Some people enhance their weight loss journey with an NAD+ infusion. The infusion can improve metabolism and reduce inflammation, which with proper diet and exercise, aids in weight loss.

NAD+ therapy has numerous benefits.


What to Expect from NAD+ IV Therapy


Before Your NAD+ Injections

NAD+ therapies start with an appointment. The appointment gives you the date and time for your therapy sessions. When you arrive at our spa, a registered nurse will take your vitals to assess whether your body is ready for the session. The nurse will then place you on an IV drip with NAD+.


During and After Your Session

An NAD+ IV therapy session can last anywhere from 2-4 hours, and you can have one to several sessions weekly, depending on your goals. During your session, you can optionally read a good book, rest, watch TV, or play a game on your smartphone. IV therapy has no downtime, meaning you will relax, recharge, rehydrate, and resume your day-to-day after each session.


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NAD+ IV therapy has numerous benefits for your body. Get the benefits of this coenzyme as you enjoy a spa-like experience at Hydrate IV Bar.
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