Are you experiencing a weakened immune system or want to boost your immunity for a healthier life? Consider a tri-immune injection. The injection combines the health benefits of glutathione, vitamin C, and zinc to boost your immune system. Learn more about the benefits of the tri-immune boost injection, its administration, and its safety.


Benefits of Tri-immune Boost

Tri-immune boost refers to the enhancement of the immune system using three powerful ingredients that include glutathione, ascorbic acid, and zinc. Each of the three ingredients possesses immune boosting abilities, and combining them creates a triple defense boost with the following benefits.


Increases Immune Response

The ascorbic acid, vitamin C, supports innate and adaptive immune responses. Enhancing immune response helps you fight disease-causing organisms after exposure. Regular tri-immune boost injections can help you suppress flu and other common infections.


Maintains a Healthy Immune System

Glutathione protects host immune cells and supports their functions for a healthy immune system. You require a healthy immune system to fight infections or reduce disease risk.


Strengthens Weakened Immune System

Some conditions or infections may weaken your immune system, putting you at risk of multiple diseases. Receiving the triple immune boost can strengthen your weakened immune system, allowing you to experience wellness from within.


Reduces the Risk of Chronic Infections

The ingredients in a tri-immune shot possess powerful antioxidant properties that can protect your body from the effects of free radicals. Eliminating free radicals can reduce the risk of chronic infections like cancer and diabetes.


Aids Wound Healing

Zinc in the tri-immune boost injection has wound-healing properties. You can order a tri-immune injection to potentially accelerate wound healing after an injury.


What is the Process of a Tri-immune Boost?

The three ingredients’ multiple health and wellness benefits make a tri-immune boost appear complicated. However, the process is straightforward and can be completed in hospitals or spas like Hydrate IV Bar.


The process involves introducing an injection of glutathione, zinc, and vitamin C.  Typically, you should expect the following once you arrive at the spa administering triple immune boost injections.

  •  A Registered Nurse will take your vitals to ensure you are a candidate for the service.
  • The Registered Nurse prepares your injection site, typically the arm or your upper glute, and administers your injection.
  • Regardless of whether you receive the injection in a spa or hospital setting, the process takes only a few minutes and has no downtime.


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At Hydrate IV Bar, we appreciate the benefits of a tri-immune boost to your health and wellness. We recommend the injection for a boost in weakened immunity, improvement of immune response, and potential to reduce the risk of chronic infections. Contact us today to learn more about the triple boost or schedule an appointment.


Image Credit: MR. Yanukit, Shutterstock