Is altitude sickness limiting your ability to enjoy skiing, hiking, mountain biking, or other high-altitude activities? Refresh your routine with Vitamin B12 IV therapy. But does B12 IV help with altitude sickness? IV hydration cocktails infused with vitamin B12 may help you overcome altitude sickness and accompanying symptoms.

Moreover, our IV for altitude sickness may boost your athletic performance, allowing you to stretch limits and conquer more heights. Do not postpone your next hiking or mountain biking adventure because the previous one got you feeling sick. Learn more about vitamin B12 and why you should include it in your next IV bag.


Does Vitamin B12 Help with Altitude Sickness

Vitamin B12 injection or drip can help you prevent or reduce symptoms of altitude sickness. But before we look at how it alleviates the symptoms, let’s understand altitude sickness.


What is Altitude Sickness?

Altitude sickness is a medical condition that occurs when you move from low to higher altitude hastily. As you climb a mountain, the atmosphere becomes thin, reducing the level of breathable oxygen. The reduced oxygen supply causes altitude sickness. While your body can naturally adjust to the changes in oxygen levels, it takes time, and you will often feel sick within a day of reaching a high altitude.


So, does B12 help with altitude sickness? Vitamin B12 IV therapy may help with altitude sickness and provide instant rehydration and relief. The vitamin enhances metabolism, which gives you energy to overcome fatigue— a common symptom of altitude sickness.


When delivered through IV therapy, liquid vitamin B12 goes directly into your bloodstream. Most vitamin B12 IV drips are also infused with electrolytes and antioxidants required to rehydrate your body and provide quick relief to other symptoms of altitude sickness.


Benefits of Vitamin B12 Before Flying

Like hiking, flying can also make you feel sick and exhausted. This feeling— often part of jetlag symptoms can interfere with your vacation or business schedules after a flight. Vitamin B12 can boost your mood and energy levels to fight jetlag fatigue and anxiety. Taking it before flying may give you a healthy energy and mood boost required during and after a flight.


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Mountain climbing or moving to high altitude can make you feel sick and tired. The sickly feeling can deter your passion for hiking or high-altitude adventure.


At Hydrate IV Bar, we have an IV for altitude sickness infused with vitamin B12 to help you rehydrate and overcome symptoms of acute mountain sickness. Contact us to learn more about our Vitamin B12 options and schedule an appointment.


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