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Spread the benefit of being happy, healthy, and hydrated with those you love with Hydrate IV Bar gift cards for one of our wellness spas!

Your health is an investment, not an expense, and it’s time to make your health a priority. Purchase a spa gift card for future use to make sure you are always staying hydrated or as a gift for someone you care about.

*Gift cards may not be used for auto-pays.

What Can You Use a Spa & Wellness Gift Card For?

Our spa gift cards allow you or a loved one to enjoy a dose of wellness that revitalizes your body and makes you or your loved one look and feel younger. But what exactly can you do with our wellness gift cards? Let’s take a look at the services or therapies you can access with our spa and wellness gift cards.

Vitamin Infused IV Therapy

Our spa and wellness gift cards help you or your loved ones maximize the benefits of various vitamins for overall wellness. You can use the card to receive vitamin-infused IV therapy cocktails designed to meet your unique needs.

While we have a range of signature cocktails for you to choose from, we still allow you to build your own for an extra boost. But even before you design your own, check whether your signature cocktails meet your needs. You can use your gift card to receive vitamin-infused IV therapy for recovery, jet lag, immunity, altitude sickness, athletic performance, anti-aging, and general wellness.

NAD+ IV Therapy

You can also use the Hydrate IV Bar spa gift card to enhance your physical and mental fitness or slow the aging process with our NAD+ IV Therapy. Moreover, you can also gift a loved one or appreciate that special person with this card, allowing them to boost their NAD+ levels and improve their physical and mental well-being.

But what is NAD+ IV Therapy? NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is the coenzyme that facilitates metabolism in living things. Unfortunately, the level of NAD+ decreases as you age, making you feel fatigued, anxious, depressed, or chronically unwell. Our NAD+ therapy boosts the level of this essential coenzyme, making you or your loved one feel energized, focused, and younger.

Vitamin Injections

You can also use Hydrate IV Bar gift cards for vitamin injections. The vitamin injection provides a quicker way of boosting vitamin and mineral levels in your body. Clients who may want a vitamin or NAD+ boost but feel IV therapy is not their thing can visit our spa for a quick injection. You can also add the vitamin injection to your IV drip for an added boost. Use your gift card to include routine injections for your friend’s and family’s health and wellness regime for IV therapy near you.

Why a Spa Gift Card Makes the Perfect Gift

We give gifts for several reasons depending on the relationship between us and the receiver. A gift can express love, appreciation, or affection for someone special. Given the various reasons for gifting people, gifts can be as many as the intention of the giver. However, there is no better gift than showing that special person that you care about their health and wellness. Gifting friends or family with spa gift cards means more than simple appreciation. It shows that you care and value their wellness, just like you do with yours.

Find a Spa Gift Card for One of Our Locations Near You!

There is so much you can do with our wellness gift cards. The spa gift cards allow the special people in your life access to various services that help them relax, refresh, and recharge their routine from our different locations. Locate the nearest Hydrate IV location, get wellness gift cards, and surprise that special person!

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Want to surprise a loved one or that special person with a perfect gift? Get them Hydrate IV Bar spa gift cards. The wellness gift cards allow them to access spa and wellness services that help them refresh their routine and enjoy wellness from within. Contact us today to buy a spa and wellness gift card or learn more about our services.