Myers Cocktail in Denver, CO

The Myers Cocktail IV is formulated with: B-Complex, Methyl B12, B5, B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C & Zinc. You can also add Glutathione for only $40 during your service!


In the 1970s, Dr. John Myers of Baltimore created the powerful blend of essential vitamins and minerals that bears his name. The ‘Myers Cocktail’ also known as the “kitchen sink” IV is commonly used to provide nutrient support for the body’s own healing processes. Is it any wonder that it has become the world’s most requested IV therapy treatment? The Myers Cocktail IV Drip is a favorite at Hydrate IV Bar! Almost anyone can benefit from an infusion of vital vitamins and minerals delivered directly to the bloodstream and from there to the cells that need those nutrients the most!

How Does IV Therapy Work?

Swallowing nutrients is a relatively inefficient way to get them to where your body needs them the most. By contrast, they’re absorbed quicker and more thoroughly when they’re administered through an IV directly into your bloodstream. Nearly 100% of your infusion is available for your body’s immediate use. Getting IV vitamin therapy through a Meyers Cocktail is the way to go!

What are the of a Myers Cocktail IV Drip?

Users rely on a Myers Cocktail to provide relief for a wide range of health symptoms. Some of these include allergies, asthma, chronic infections, cold and flu, fatigue and more. It’s also frequently used by endurance athletes to enhance performance and support recovery.

Are there side effects?

IV infusions of any kind may cause pain, inflammation, or (rarely) infection at the injection site. Our procedure is very safe and causes minimal, if any, negative side effects. Our IV infusions are administered by registered nurses under the supervision of our on-site medical doctors.

Come to one of our four convenient locations for your Myers  IV treatment. Our biggest center is in Bonnie Brae, with other locations in Cherry Creek, Highlands & the Nurture Wellness Center. We also have a center in Boulder’s Folsom Village. Each of our centers features a relaxing and comfortable environment in which to receive your IV treatment. Book your session online today!