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Hydrate IV Bar offers NAD+ IV therapy and NAD+ injection services at all of our spas.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It is essentially vitamin B3 broken down into its most usable form, and when infused, it goes directly to your cells, creating energy at the cellular level. Between the ages of 40 – 60, we have 50% less NAD+ in our bodies. This means that when your cells break down, your body cannot repair them like it used to. So, what are the benefits of NAD+ infusions? NAD+ helps your body rebuild and repair cells.

NAD+ promotes cell regeneration, and can be beneficial for: clients experiencing joint and muscle pain, stimulating sirtuins (proteins), which have anti-inflammatory properties, stabilizing hormones, improving mood, and increasing metabolism. NAD+ IV therapy can also be beneficial for better sleep, mental clarity, focus, energy, and the regulation of dopamine and serotonin levels.

Join us at any of our spas for the ultimate NAD+ IV or injection treatment to help you relax, refresh, and recharge your routine. As with all of our spas, IV therapy and vitamin injection services, our NAD+ infusions + injections are administered by experienced, registered nurses. The only thing more comforting than the big recliners you get to kick back in is the assurance of knowing that you are always in good hands with our incredible staff.

Please note that NAD+ IV therapy can take anywhere between two to fours hours, depending on your unique needs. Due to this longer service, NAD+ infusion appoinments must be booked three hours prior to close. Last call for NAD+ IV therapy is at 3:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 1:00 p.m. Friday through Sunday. 

*appointments are highly encouraged!*

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dosage and pricing 

– 500MG NAD IV Therapy: $400 for Hydrate members / $450 for non-members

– 750MG NAD IV Therapy: $500 for Hydrate members / $550 for non-members

– 1000MG NAD IV Therapy: $750 for Hydrate members / $850 for non-members

Loading dose packages (a total of 4 doses) are available!

Please email info@hydrateivbar.com or give your local spa a call to speak with our staff about NAD+ loading dose packages and pricing.


Short on time but interested in NAD+? The NAD+ Injection is a great substitute for the NAD+ infusions, with all of the same benefits! Beneficial for clients experiencing joint + muscle pain, better sleep, mental clarity, energy, + more! 

Clients can receive this as an injection OR IV add-on.


NAD+ Helps Cell Regeneration

Cell Regeneration

NAD+ Helps Increase Metabolism

Increased Metabolism

NAD+ Helps Reduce Joint + Muscle Pain

Reduced Joint + Muscle Pain

NAD+ Helps Improve Sleep

Improved Sleep

NAD+ Helps Mental Clarity + Focus

Mental Clarity + Focus