Relax, recharge, rehydrate.

Prioritize your health and wellness with our IV therapy, vitamin injection, and NAD+ services. We offer memberships and bundles to make putting your hydration and health first, that much easier. Click on each item to learn more.

IV Therapy

Hydrate IV Bar offers a spa menu featuring vitamin-infused IV therapy cocktails, including signature drips containing 1 liter of saline and a mix of nutrients. Custom IV drip options are available, and clients can enhance their experience with extra fluids; our curated signature cocktails cater to recovery, jet lag, immunity, altitude sickness, athletic performance, anti-aging, and overall wellness needs, while popular choices like the Myers Cocktail and our founder’s favorite, the Katie Cocktail, are also offered.


Vitamin Injections

At Hydrate IV Bar, clients seek more than just IVs; our range includes vitamin injections, such as B12, MIC, D3, Tri-Immune, NAD+, L-lysine, Amino Acid injections, and more, with staff guidance for tailored choices. Injection packages and a Shot Pass membership offer regular options for integrating injections into wellness routines.

NAD+ Therapy
The ultimate infusion, NAD+ IV therapy, and NAD+ injections can help enhance energy levels, mental and physical fitness, and holds anti-aging properties. NAD+ therapy offers benefits such as cell regeneration, increased metabolism, reduced joint and muscle pain, improved sleep, and mental clarity.
IV Therapy Membership
Get rewarded monthly for your loyalty! Hydrate IV Bar offers a membership featuring a monthly IV therapy cocktail, a B12 injection, NAD+ therapy discounts, and more, with perks such as 30% off additional visits, “Friends with Benefits” passes, and exclusive event access. Our membership can be used across all Hydrate IV Bar locations and costs $139 per month ($109 for students), providing a comprehensive wellness experience.
Shot pass
Experience unlimited injections every month with our monthly Shot Pass, offering 50% off on all single injection services. The Shot Pass, priced at $50 per month, can be enjoyed independently or combined with an IV membership for the ultimate wellness bundle.