Anti-Aging IV Therapy


b-complex, glutathione, magnesium, vitamin c

Skin care’s best-kept secret is in a bag, not a bottle! Did you know that many skin insecurities — from wrinkles to dry skin — have been known to improve with proper hydration? Glow from the inside out with one of our most comprehensive drips. The ingredients inside the Anti-Aging Cocktail are great for hair, skin, and nails, but they also can assist with mood regulation, immunity, and nerve and muscle function.


for mood regulation, and healthy hair, skin and nails


for reducing oxidative stress and improving liver function


for nerve and muscle function, mood, natural relaxant


for immune system health and tissue repair

Unlock the secret to youthful skin and a vibrant body with cutting-edge anti-aging IV therapy. Our customized infusions deliver a potent blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants directly into your bloodstream for quick and long-lasting results. Discover the fountain of youth today.

Hydrate IV Bar in Denver understands your desire to maintain a youthful and healthy look even as you celebrate more birthdays. Our anti-aging therapy addresses your unique needs and other common aging signs, such as wrinkles and fine lines. Read on to learn more about our anti-aging therapy services available in Colorado and beyond.



IV injection is no longer limited to the hospital; IV therapy has gained popularity in the beauty and anti-aging industry. Today, you can find IV therapy services that help to slow aging or boost your beauty and skin glow. Our IV anti-aging therapy reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots on your skin. But how does IV therapy reduce wrinkles and other aging signs?



Your body uses nutrients and minerals to keep the skin healthy and reduce aging signs. However, as you advance in age, the body’s ability to absorb minerals and nutrients decreases. The decreased ability to synthesize or absorb vital nutrients and minerals accelerates aging, resulting in noticeable aging signs, such as wrinkles.

Hydrate IV Bar’s therapy enhances absorption by injecting minerals and vitamins directly into the body’s systems. The IV therapies ensure your body receives vital vitamins and minerals quickly and efficiently, allowing the skin nourishing nutrients to begin working immediately. A sufficient and efficient supply of essential minerals and vitamins reduces wrinkles and keeps your skin healthy and radiant.

The human body also produces Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+): a coenzyme that slows aging. While your body produces NAD+ naturally, the levels of this anti-aging coenzyme reduce with age. Between the age of 40 and 60, the NAD+ levels drop below 50%, which explains why you start to notice aging signs at this age. But that should not worry you. You can boost your NAD+ levels to reduce wrinkles and other aging signs.



A beauty drip combines vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that reverse or slow aging. Hydrate IV Bar’s Beauty Drip slows or reverses aging by eliminating free radicals and toxins that accelerate aging. Here are the ingredients that make up our powerful anti-aging beauty drip:

Vitamin B complex: B complex is a group of vitamin Bs that keep your body systems healthy. Taking a diet rich in B complex improves your cardiovascular and cell health. Vitamin B complex also slows aging by maintaining natural moisture levels, preventing skin breakouts, and increasing cell turnover. This vital vitamin also reduces wrinkles and skin issues, such as eczema and dermatitis.

Glutathione: The body naturally produces glutathione, a compound that helps flush out toxins from your body. However, the natural glutathione decreases as you age. Since toxin buildup accelerates aging, Hydrate IV uses the beauty drip to clean your body system. Glutathione also reduces oxidative stress and improves liver health.

Magnesium: Our beauty drip focuses on more than just rejuvenating your youthful looks. The magnesium in the beauty drip regulates your mood and improves your nerve and muscle function while acting as a natural relaxant.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps keep your skin healthy and youthful. It stimulates collagen production to delay wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Vitamin C also boosts your immune system while repairing broken tissues.



You can prevent or reverse skin aging signs with Hydrate IV Bar therapy services. At Hydrate IV Bar, we offer customized anti-aging therapy to address all your unique needs.

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Service was great! The insight and knowledge from the nurses was next level. I liked that we discussed ways to help my skin beyond their services. I love how I feel after and how my skin looks! I will definitely be back.
- Lauren N.

I tried Hydrate IV Bar last week, and days later I am STILL feeling the amazing benefits! As a chronically dehydrated person, I could instantly feel the effects. The staff was incredibly knowledgable, friendly, and made me feel completely comfortable trying something new! I would 10/10 recommend Hydrate IV Bar for a quick dose of hydration and health!

- Mallory C.