Jet Lag IV

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While traveling, normal healthy habits can fall to the way-side. Combine that with the changes in altitude (like we have in Colorado!), you’re not likely to feel your best. Many Hydrate IV Bar clients prep for a trip or recover in comfort after a big vacation by ordering the Jetlag IV Cocktail. The combination of nutrients in this IV bag can help boost energy levels and your immune system.

Finding the Perfect Jet Lag Remedy

Jet lag symptoms may include fatigue, headaches, sleep problems, inability to concentrate, and many more. You can wait for your body to naturally recover from these symptoms or use jet lag supplements to accelerate recovery.However, natural recovery may take weeks, while oral supplements alleviate the symptoms within days. Only an IV drip can even possibly help you beat jet lag within hours or help you travel with no jet lag.


How Our Jet Lag IV Works:

Unlike the conventional jet lag remedies, which go through the digestive system, our Jet Lag IV drip hydrates your body and introduces powerful vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream. Instant hydration and the introduction of vitamins and minerals provide your body with what it needs to beat jet lag or accelerate the recovery process.You can get the IV before or after the journey. Typically, you book an appointment at a Hydrate IV Bar near you to schedule a therapy session. Sessions begin with one of our registered nurses checking your vitals to confirm your body is ready for the IV.The nurse then inserts the IV needle to begin the therapy. Sessions take 45 to 60 minutes, and you can engage in light activities during therapy sessions as you relax, recharge, rehydrate, and schedule your next activity or trip.


for mood regulation, and healthy hair, skin and nails


for metabolism, energy and mental clarity


for immune system and tissue repair

Who Can Benefit from Our Jet Lag IV?

All our clients who travel between time zones can benefit from IV infusions to manage travel symptoms. However, some clients may book therapy sessions more frequently than others. Jet lag recovery IV drips are typical for people who travel between time zones for work and have few hours to rest before their appointments. Clients can get our Jet Lag IV cocktails before departure to reduce or eliminate symptoms. Book an appointment with Hydrate IV as part of your preparation for a flight to ensure you remain focused during your business meetings.IV recovery drips can also benefit clients who have taken longer than a few days’ rest to recover from jet lag symptoms. You can also book an appointment with us if you want to get back to work immediately after your vacation.


The Best Time for a Jet Lag IV

Our Jetlag IV Cocktail is infused with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to prevent or manage jet lag symptoms. You should receive IV therapy before your flight when you want to remain sharp and focused during and after the journey. However, do not worry about a skipped IV therapy session. Our IV therapy for jet lag also works well for clients looking for instant recovery from jet lag symptoms. While our jetlag cocktails work excellently when used before or after a trip, a regular IV therapy regimen before traveling can boost your energy levels and immune system. Frequent therapies prepare you for business or vacation trips between time zones.


Why Do You Get Jet Lag?

Jet lag is a combination of symptoms that affects you when you travel across multiple time zones. But why do you get jet lag? Jet lag can arise from several factors. Understanding the factors may help you manage the symptoms and ease anxiety, especially if it’s your first time traveling across several time zones. Here are some causes of jet lag.

  • Crossing different time zones. Jet lag is a sleep problem affecting anyone who crosses different time zones. When you travel abroad, your circadian rhythms (internal clock) take time to align with the new time zone.
  • Traveling speed. You experience jet lag when you travel across multiple time zones quickly. That’s why the symptoms affect people traveling by air.
  • Dehydration. You get dehydrated due to the plane cabin’s warm temperatures and high humidity.
  • Reduced oxygen. Decreased breathable oxygen and air pressure in plane cabins cause headaches and fatigue after a flight.
  • Sitting for long hours. Crossing several time zones means sitting in the plane for many hours. Sitting for long hours makes you feel exhausted on arrival.


Benefits of Jet Lag IV

You should order a jet lag IV drip before or after crossing time zones for numerous reasons. The IV cocktail will help you in the following specific ways.


Instant Rehydration

Most jet lag symptoms stem from dehydration. While taking lots of fluids can rehydrate your body, it may take a long time to replenish. Hydrate IV Bar drips provide instant rehydration since the hydrating fluids are fed directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive process. Do not let jet lag symptoms keep you dull and distracted. Relax, recharge, rehydrate, and proceed to your business meeting after a jet IV therapy session.


Boosts Your Mental Clarity

Our drips are infused with vitamins and nutrients that can enhance your mental and physical health to keep you sharp and focused even after crossing several time zones.


Eliminates Fatigue

Our IV drips for jet lag can give you an energy boost to help you overcome fatigue caused by crossing time zones and sitting for long hours.


Where We Offer Jet Lag IV Therapy

Are you preparing for a journey or looking for an instant way of eliminating jet lag symptoms? Enjoy wellness from within by ordering a jet lag IV cocktail from the following locations.


Our clients in Colorado can visit the following locations to get a jet lag drip;


Our clients in Utah can book and receive our services in South Jordan.


If you are in the state of Arizona, you can get our services in the following cities;


Texas residents can schedule appointments in;

I love Hydrate IV Bar. The staff is the sweetest and they are efficient. I feel safe and comfortable when I visit. I have brought several friends and family members here for IVs. I  love the Myers Cocktail but also recommend the Jet Lag for trips!. I also really loved getting MIC shots weekly to help jump start my weight loss. I drop in for B-12 shots all the time too.

- Bre

This place is awesome! Upon arriving, the receptionist was very resourceful and helped me find the best IV for my needs. The nurse was a former travel nurse who is a pro at doing IVs. As someone who hates needles, I was so happy with how efficiently she worked. Love this place and will definitely return.

- Ashley