Jet Lag IV

b-complex, vitamin c, b12

While traveling, normal healthy habits can fall to the way-side. Combine that with the changes in altitude (like we have in Colorado!), you’re not likely to feel your best. Many Hydrate IV Bar clients prep for a trip or recover in comfort after a big vacation by ordering the Jetlag IV Cocktail. The combination of nutrients in this IV bag can help boost energy levels and your immune system.



for mood regulation, and healthy hair, skin and nails


for metabolism, energy and mental clarity


for immune system and tissue repair

I love Hydrate IV Bar. The staff is the sweetest and they are efficient. I feel safe and comfortable when I visit. I have brought several friends and family members here for IVs. I  love the Myers Cocktail but also recommend the Jet Lag for trips!. I also really loved getting MIC shots weekly to help jump start my weight loss. I drop in for B-12 shots all the time too.

- Bre

This place is awesome! Upon arriving, the receptionist was very resourceful and helped me find the best IV for my needs. The nurse was a former travel nurse who is a pro at doing IVs. As someone who hates needles, I was so happy with how efficiently she worked. Love this place and will definitely return.

- Ashley