The Shot Pass 

Bottomless shots, anyone? This monthly pass grants you access to our best injection deal ever — 50% off all injections, all the time!

  • Half-off ALL single injection services — including B12, D3, MIC and Tri-Immune 
  • Limits apply based on efficacy recommendations from our medical director. Learn more
  • Bundle with IV membership or enjoy on its own

$50 per month

B12 Injection

The b12 shot is our most popular injection with Hydrate IV Bar clients. B12 can regulate metabolism, boost immunity, increase energy levels and assist mental clarity.

with IV – $20

MIC Injection

Sometimes called “the skinny shot,” this combo of vitamins + amino acids can help fire up your metabolism. 

MIC = methionine + choline + inositol + methylcobalamin


D3 Injection

Sunshine in a shot! Vitamin D is your immune system’s BFF. As we reduce our exposure to the sun, it’s easy to become vitamin D deficient — especially in the winter months!



With glutathione, zinc, and vitamin C all in one injection, the Tri-Immune packs a power trio that your immune system loves most. Great substitute for an IV when you’re short on time.