Vitamin C IV Therapy in Denver, CO

Whether you’re a high-powered executive who never stops moving, a jetlagged world traveler running on two hours of sleep, or an exhausted student who spent all night studying for a test, our vitamin C IV provides the perfect immunity boost to keep you healthy and mentally alert, no matter the conditions.  

What’s in our Vitamin C Immunity IV?

Our treatment contains 1 liter of normal saline, vitamin C, Zinc, and Magnesium.

Our vitamin C iv therapy includes an electrolyte fluid containing a blend of vitamin C, magnesium, and Zinc. Vitamin C assists cells as they fight disease and infection; it has also been shown to reduce the amount of time an illness can linger in the body. Likewise, Zinc and other antioxidants boost the immune system’s strength and enhance cellular processes to facilitate overall health.

IV Therapy Vs Oral Supplements 

Oral supplements are less effective than IV treatments because they degrade in the digestive tract, and are significantly less potent than the doses administered during IV therapy.  

When you receive supplements through an IV, your body has the potential to absorb 100% of the supplement since it is administered to the bloodstream directly. This way, your cells can start to benefit from the vitamins and minerals almost immediately, and you will continue to feel those effects for several days after treatments with virtually no side effects.  

In turn, IV treatments give you a means of protecting yourself against cold and flu season, or simply fighting the stress and fatigue that sometimes arise from daily life. Given that IV therapy can be more thoroughly absorbed and that it offers longer-lasting support, there is little question that IV treatments are a better solution than oral supplements.  

To experience the rejuvenating effects of our Vitamin C therapy for yourself, Book an IV treatment appointment today!